Art. 9241 1.4006 5,0X60/36 TX20

Vis bois tête ornementale a. pte perç, nerv. coup.
  • No. 9241400650 60/36
  • Materials C1
  • EAN Code 3610500474026
  • Customs Code 73181210
  • Number per package 200
  • Net weight per 100 0.518
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  • Diameter 5
  • Total length 60
  • Height of head 3.45
  • Type of thread Chipboardscrew thread
  • Head shape Ornamental head
  • Measurement dp 3.6
  • Pitch 2.2
  • Thread length 36
  • Material number 1.4006
  • Section Item 9241 (RSD csk head timber screws, drilling point, milling ribs)
  • Drive size TX20
  • Bit type drilling point
  • Diameter of head 7.5


  • FEATURES - 60° Ornamental head - drilling point - milling ribs - ribs under the head - TX drive - Martensitic stainless steel hardened (1.4006) - Anti-Friction-coating
  • Product benefits milling ribs The milling ribs ensure low screw-in torques even with high attachment parts. No predrilling Predrilling is not needed in most cases. We do however alwaysw recommend testing the application. Wobble-free drive The TX internal, multi-tooth drive allows easy and secure screw driving from setting to countersinking. European technical Assessment ETA 11/0283


  • Area of use Timber construction
  • Uses Ideal for all companies involved in wood processing (carpenters, timber construction) and all horticulturists and landscapers for fastening timbers and landing stages. Also the ideal solution for hardwoods such as Bankirai, Massaranduba, and many more. A minimum screw-in depth of 4 x the diameter must be ensured. A screw-in depth of 8 x the diameter should be achieved depending on the wood.
  • Perfion__Remarque catalogue b = Item Number European technical Assessment ETA 11/0283