S+P offers one of the best ranges in the industry.

At S+P we focus on quality, service, reliability — and of course our customers.

They expect stainless steel products of the highest quality for the best price. So we have entrusted strategic and operational procurement to the best people for the job: us.
Only with focused market power are we able to ensure goods purchasing with attractive conditions. We also analyse all relevant markets on an ongoing basis: from the capital market and the labour and technology market to the procurement and sales market.

We offer more than 32,000 stainless steel items. Our wide range includes products such as wood screws, metric screws, safety screws, washers, nuts and even heavy-duty fasteners—all in a variety of designs.
Our range also offers a unique dynamism which is aimed specifically at our clientèle. We strive to continually improve ourselves in response to our customers' special requests.
And this set-up explains the partnerships we have nurtured over the years with the world's largest stainless steel producers. They value our knowledge of the latest market trends and quickly develop corresponding products in response.

Our suppliers also have to measure up to our stringent quality requirements. We could never claim that establishing our international network of expert partners and market-leading manufacturers was easy. But the decades of work have paid off:
S+P is now one of the largest stainless steel fastener suppliers and a market leader. Quality that pays.

The S+P range



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DIN standards                                                                                                                                                

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ISO standards                                        

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