A company with quality assurance built in - that’s S + P 

We have successfully pursued a quality management system for a number of years now  in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality products

Since 1996, Schäfer + Peters has been audited on an annual basis by DQS GmbH (German company specialising in certification and management systems). Currently we are successfully certified according to the latest standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
We also hold the GOST certificate for trade with Russia.

S + P doesn’t just put its products through their paces, the quality of all development processes within the company is scrutinised too. This allows us to guarantee our customers perfectly adapted and short development processes alongside our stringent product quality standards.
All products are tested using state-of-the-art technology. Our in-house quality assurance department continually carries out quality checks, for example to determine material-specific properties.
This enables us to be sure that the fits are correct and that the chemical composition of even the highest quality alloys satisfies requirements.

S+P’s suppliers are also monitored on an ongoing basis. Our procurement department uses a standardised process to assess every detail of all suppliers and to only select the best partners. Efficient process management now forms the basis for continuous improvements.

This is the only way of building solid bonds with our customers and suppliers!

S + P uses ultra-modern control instruments to guarantee maximum quality.

A Hitec Measuring Microscope, which offers ultra precise measurements of distances, angles, surfaces, circles, rays and diameter.
A "Couplemètre Schatz ", allowing to control torques, screwing torques or angle of rotation.
An Urban screwing machine, usable for measuring the screwing times under the influence of different weights. Ideal analysis of a fixation in combination with the Schatz torque generator.
A premium Nexus durometer, suitable for high precision hardness testing.

A darkroom with integrated UV light sources and white light, which allows the optical detection of the sliding coating applied to the fastening elements.

An X-ray analysis apparatus, which provides an optimum analysis of the material components of the stainless steel fasteners and the determination of the composition.