that will just about last forever

With over 32,000 high-quality fastening products, we are among the market leaders in stainless steel fasteners.

Stainless steel is a solid, corrosion-resistant material containing no more than 2% carbon. When processing, it can be easily shaped and can therefore be used in various ways in different applications.

One particularly high quality form of stainless steel is "Special-grade stainless steel", an umbrella term for all stainless steels of which there are more than 120 kinds. They differ in terms of their chemical composition and proportion of chrome. Special-grade stainless steel has an invisible passive layer which only forms when oxygen is present and protects our standard and special parts such as high-quality screws, nuts, washers and other fasteners from rust and acid attacks. These special properties mean that special-grade stainless steel will just about last forever.

Stainless steels are divided into three groups: austenitentic, ferritic and martensitic.
Austenitic steel is the most widespread and versatile.